Three founders. Three siblings.
One industry in desperate need of change.

Our Story

WeRecover co-founders Stephen Estes and Max Jaffe have been best friends since childhood and attended college together at the University of Southern California. In December of 2015, Max called Stephen and asked him to help find a rehab for his younger sister who was struggling with a very severe addiction.   

They immediately drove and picked her up from an unsafe environment and got her in their car. Pulled over on the side of the road, they began Googling treatment centers in Los Angeles, and over several hours called about thirty programs. On each call, they answered virtually the same questions, and each call concluded with the same action item: to text or email the rehab her insurance information.

Thirty calls became thirty emails and text messages, after which responses came in over several weeks. Finding a center that accepted her insurance, was affordable, geographically suitable, had an available bed and a program that was a match proved to be a daunting process.

Ultimately it took the duo nearly a month to get her into a program. When time is of the essence and a human life is at stake, that amount of time is unacceptable.  It is all too often the difference between life and death.  

Once the search was over and she was safe in a recovery center, there was an incredible sense of relief because the process was so frustrating and felt so exploitative. They searched the web, called everybody they knew in recovery and in the recovery industry, and were astonished to find that no service like Expedia or Kayak existed for addiction treatment centers. How could it be so hard to find a treatment center - with tens of thousands of programs across the country and so many people in need?  Why was there no transparency around legitimate options, pricing, and quality of care? These were the questions that birthed the vision for WeRecover.  A vision that has become their steadfast commitment to broaden access to care and ease the most complicated aspect of recovery. 

With the help of some very talented advisors, clinicians and treatment professionals, they assembled an incredible team as resolute as they were to utilize advances in technology to help people get the care they deserve. Together they navigated the formidable complexities of health insurance, HIPAA laws, levels of care, admissions criteria, and countless other technological hurdles to create the world’s simplest way to find the right recovery program.

WeRecover went live in April of 2017. Since launch, WeRecover has helped hundreds of families find treatment and has quickly grown its network to include hundreds of treatment centers across the US and Asia.

Through this journey the team has found their purpose - to help curb the rising tide of this deadly disease that is devastating nearly 30 million people a year in the US.